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Enrich your life with hemp


We are dedicated to a lifestyle of freedom and sustainability. Our World Class Hemp products give you the freedom to choose your style, save your planet and be yourself.

CANNAGI will be a distribution center for various Thai-manifactured Hemp&Cannabis products.

Our Products

・Are made with rich blends of organic and all natural botanical oils.

・Are made with organic non-GMO Hemp.

・Are Third Party Tested. 

・Contain Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil - Not Psychoactive like Cannabis/THC. 

・Are made with plant based sustainable ingredients, Vegan and Cruelty Free.

And So Much More 


Try our new Vanilla Premium CBD oil.

Enjoy the smoothest tasting oil on the market. 

CANNAGI will be releasing exciting new products...

Customer Review
Sandy and Mighty Brite.jpg


I have been the drummer for the multi-Platinum recording artists Firefall, for 36 years. 36 abusive years to my hands and wrists. I have been using the Cannagi joint cream for about four or five months and it is helping with my hand and wrist issues immensely. I have tried other CBD products but the Cannagi joint cream Is the most powerful I’ve used and I have gotten much better results with this cream. I highly recommend it, especially to people who abuse their joints like I do.


—  Sandy Ficca

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