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100% CBD Diamonds

Utilising the most innovative extraction techniques, Cannagi CBD Diamonds gives you a truly enhanced CBD experience. 

100% CBD Diamonds

SKU: 0008
  • All of our CBD is 100% from hemp and is handcrafted with traditional Japanese precision in mind. The crystallised Diamonds are the ideal way to enjoy our premium CBD.


    Our flavorful Diamonds are the same as our isolate when it comes to the ease of use, we enhance the flavor by infusing cannabis Terpenes into them for the ultimate experience.

    Contains crystallised CBD diamonds and a rich-terpene sauce that enhances your CBD experience with added potency.


    The best way to enjoy our Diamonds is through a dab pen, e-nail or dab rig, simply grab your favorite piece, place a small amount of your concentrate in, take a deep inhale, hold for around 10-15 seconds, and slowly breathe out. They also make a great topper or additive to other cannabis oils. 

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